iPod touches!

I have an ipod touch. I dont know about you, but they are better with the camera, you can do more apps with a camera. Like oovoo, instagram, photo booth, imovie, and so much moe. Comment back and tell me what you think is better:
ipod with camera [generation three and four, and the others they make]
ipod without camera [ generations one and two, and others if made with no camera]
please respond
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Recipe of the Day

The recipe of the day is….
Oven Baked Plantains
You slice plantains (ripe bananas)
into this size [ ].
You spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray, put the plantain slices on the sheet, and spray the second time on top of the slices. Put them in the oven for 15-20 minutes, turning them every 5 minutes. bake intil golden brown and tender.
They are kinda dry, regular bananas might taste better. Be preprared, they might not taste very well, just saying. Honduras eats this food for dessert on special occasions like christmas or kid’s day. Comment back with your thought, i pick randomly out of a hat, not because i like them. thanks,
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Fashion Update

Fashion Update:
Suspenders in any kind of animal print, are so in. Also, those glasses you get at the movies for a 3D movie, with ducktape in the middle, so in right now! that’s the latest fashion update from me to you. [ comment back with any fashion questions, or questions on where to but the fashionable clothing. Say your blogging name, and your question/comment. Thanks]
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Book Review- Dewey

The following book review is about the book Dewey:

I read this book numerous times. It is great. It is about a cat, Dewey, that was put in a box and pushed down a library drop box. In the morning a librarian, Vicki Myron, finds the cat. she holds it, and gives it a bath. Later on, for years, Dewey lives in the library, as a library pet. It is an autobiography written by Vicki Myron. I hope you consider reading this book.

-Reading Babe101

P.S. I can’t change the picture, so that is not the cover of Dewey just, a random picture. Sorry for the inconvenience